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Choosing the right cable to charge your phone or deviceis more complex than you might imagine! We have selected our top picks of multi-way charging cables offering a range of colours and finishes, which are suitable to charge a smart phone, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. Each product can be customised with your logo to make it the ideal corporate promotional gift. 

Our range of branded promotional charging cables have been carefully selected to be used for corporate gifts and merchandise. These branded charging cables are not only practical but also serve as effective promotional tools, ensuring your logo is seen every time they're used. 

Personalize your charging experience with our promotional charging cables, available in various styles and configurations. From branded multi charger cables to custom USB chargers, we offer options to suit every preference and budget.  

Braided 3-in-1 Cable

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This 3-in-1 multi charging cable provides convenience and versatility with USB-C, micro-USB and lightning outputs. Customise with your logo using 4 colour print or laser engraving. 

Eco Jellyfish Cable

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With 4 cables, which can twist and turn to your needs to make it super easy to charge your devices. This environmentally friendly product is made from recycled straw and recycled materials! 

LED Braided 3-in-1 Cable

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A premium LED multi cable is available in a range of colours to complement your branding and your logo can be laser engraved to reveal the LED light underneath. 

Square LED 3-in-1 Cable

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This compact and affordable USB cable has LED branding technology so that your logo is lit up in bright white LED lights.

Smart Cable with NFC

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This multi charger features NFC technology that links nearby devices directly to your website, campaign page or contact details. A fantastic marketing tool that can be custom printed with your logo. 

Upgrade your charging setup with our logo-branded promotional charger cables for mobile phones and other devices. Our range of multi leads and multi connectors with USB charging are the perfect accessory for on-the-go charging and advertise your brand wherever they go.