Inductive Charging

Wireless charging is a neat and hassle-free way of keeping smartphones charged that combats low battery anxiety by giving your battery a boost every time you set it down! Inductive charging also removes the chance that your phone or charging cable can become damaged by repeated connecting and disconnecting.

  • Air ventsCooling vents
  • Foreign object detectionForeign object detection
  • Temperature regulationTemperature regulation
Performance and Compatibility
  • Input portNon-slip base
  • ED indicatorsLED indicators
  • Qi, RoHS, CE, FCC certifiedQi, RoHS, CE, FCC certified

While most inductive chargers available in the corporate channel support wireless power transfer up to 5W, our 15W Fast Charging pads can boost phone batteries up to 300% faster. Wireless Charging Pads charge to the maximum wattage of the device being charged, and fast charging requires a fast charge cable (provided with the charging pad), and a compatible phone.

The speed of the charge is also dependant on the output of the power source being used. For best performance, connect the charging cable to an AC socket, either directly via a USB wall socket, or by using a USB plug. For charging from computers and laptops, higher speed USB 3.0 and dedicated charging USB ports will allow for faster charging than standard USB 1.0 and 2.0 USB ports, which are restricted to a 0.5A output.

Once connected to a power source, the charger uses inductive charging technology to wirelessly charge any Qi-Enabled device, simply by placing it in the centre of the plate.