We feel strongly that a corporate gift, carrying your company logo, needs to be reliable. Reliable and safe power banks are kept and used frequently – this creates repeat exposure to your brand over a long period of time for the recipient. Positive associations with your brand are created every time the Power Bank helps avoid a disappointing flat battery situation. Wherever the Power Bank is used, it’s bound to create interest among envious onlookers – and further exposure for your brand.

  • The Powerbank CompanyRetail quality production and components – manufactured to the highest standards
  • The Powerbank Company6 point safety feature PCBA - with short circuit, over charge, over discharge and over current protection, along with a temperature regulator and protector
  • The Powerbank CompanyInsulated assembly ensures complete +/- isolation
  • The Powerbank CompanyHigh quality lithium battery runs at >90% efficiency
  • The Powerbank CompanyRoHS, CE, FCC certified
Power bank quality

In recent years, poor quality batteries have frequently found their way onto the promotional power bank market. Here are a few tips that can reduce the chances of sourcing inferior power banks;

Avoid power banks that seem suspiciously cheap. This often means a company is knowingly or unknowingly offering low grade batteries, or recycled laptop batteries. A power bank is basically a battery in a shell, so the cost of the unit can be a good indicator of the quality of the battery inside.

Get samples. As well as checking that any power banks offered have the necessary safety certifications, it is always a good idea to ask for a physical sample of what is being offered. After ensuring that the phone charger works correctly, check that it doesn't rattle, or that it can be disassembled by hand. The power bank should also not get too hot when left to charge over a period of time.

Do they come charged? If not, this may suggest the power bank is low quality, as freight companies won't ship dubious batteries from the point of production if they contain a full charge.